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Currently working on a project with :iconelemental-fury: sorry for my absence.
Voodoo Mama's lovely backside~ by Jenova-Loz
Voodoo Mama's lovely backside~


The mysterious yet unappreciated nymph of the dead. Voodoo Mama, or Fee de la Mort, isn’t familiar to most creatures, but only a few. Leaving bad first impressions with everyone she meets. But once you look past her alternative outward appearance, there’s a heart of gold to be found. But her bad reputation of turning into a horrific tentacle monster when angered has enabled her to gain many friends. Now she lives a life of solitude in the Moor Of Sleeping Spirits.

This is an illustration of Fee de la Mort's lovely backside~:heart: Also, I think I'm the first person to draw the back of her head :dance: I wanted it to look those wallpapers you receive in Rayman Jungle Run. :iconjestcrazy32: helped me out with the background.

Hope all Fee de la Mort fans enjoy~! :dance:

Original Sketch: Voodo Mama sketch by Jenova-Loz

Process: Drawing Process: Fee de la Mort by Jenova-Loz

Voodoo Mama (c) Ubisoft

Art (c) Me

:iconcommentplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:

The Origins of Fee de la Mort's Tattoos by Jenova-Loz
The Origins of Fee de la Mort's Tattoos
Long ago, when the Nymphs were still young and naive.. Or, at least more naive then they are now. Fee de la Mort, or as her name was before, Fee de Beaute, was head of the fairy council, but an upraising arose, and she was demoted to guardian of the dead by Polokus. To distinguish herself from Betilla, new head nymph of the council, Fee decided to desecrate her body with "accursed tattoos" with necro blue ink from Hades. She journeyed through the depths of the underworld until she came upon Tatouage, the last Teensie of his kind. She announced her desire to him, and he accepted her offer, but warned her of the risk she was taking. Once you get these marks placed upon your body, your soul is forever cursed with an ever present evil, lurking deep within the bowls of your subconscious, awaiting the day to show itself. But if you are able to overcome it, your spiritual essences will increase dramatically.

Just a silly idea I had ^^; hope Rayman fans can appreciate this~

The background obviously isn't mine XD just grabbed it off Google images and placed Fee on top of it… I really gotta stop being lazy with backgrounds lol

Fee de la Mort (c) Ubisoft

Art (c) :iconjenova-loz: Loz

:iconcommentplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:

Finally got my PayPal set up, if anyone is interested in a commission, leave a comment down below or send me a note.
Make sure to include your information, such as Email, Skype, and PayPal Email. And give a clear description on your idea for the commission.

Sketch / Linework: $5 USD

One Character with Color: $10 USD

Add shading: $5 USD per character.

Private Commissions are an additional $5 USD on top of regular price.

-Commissions in progress:
:iconconstipatedsamurai: (private)

-Commissions Complete:
Commission: Betilla and Fee de la Mort by Jenova-Loz for :iconjake-202:
Commission: Fee de la Mort in Bikini by Jenova-Loz for :iconjake-202:


Jenova-Loz's Profile Picture
Jerick Greasham
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Artist / Animator / Lozzy-Kins

Hello ^^ My name is Jerick Greasham, and I'm a rookie independent developer. I've recently began production on my own indie game, and I'm going to work my hardest to bring my dream to life! I'm a self taught artist and animator. I enjoy pouring hours into character designs and animations, along with beautiful landscapes. I think originality and creativity are key when developing your own game. I'm working diligently to create a new experience players will enjoy and become immersed in.

Email address: note me
Skype name: note me
Phone number: note me
ooVoo: note me

Love Monkeys! by jestcrazy32
Jerick~ :iconhappyloveplz::iconmonkeyloveplz: ~Melissa

Supporter of ALL love!!! Proud to Serve by origamidragon

Shrek is Love, Shrek is…

Barbara fan Rayman Legends - Barbara by PokuMii

I used to love the nymphs.... </3
...but I will always love Voodoo Mama <3
I love Voodoo Mama by Jenova-Loz

:iconicarlystampplz: ...eeyup, I watch iCarly...

I LOVE GAME GRUMPS~:heart: :iconaaaghplz::iconjontronplz:

JonTron Nightshade Reaction Gif by metroid0070 I love Jontron!!

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I Love Midna's butt Midnas Behind by CaseterMK~:heart:


My reaction to DRAMA:…

My deviantART Family:

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:iconhihilove::iconjestcrazy32::iconmecutelove: I love her with ALL my heart and soul!!!! My world!!

:iconfoxmaster5: My first watcher and oldest friend on deviantART, my favorite Bro. You know I would have never pushed myself if I hadn't met Fox. He was my first watcher and friend here on dA. And he took took interest in me back when I sucked. His truthful critiques really helped me, Thank you very much for everything bro!!!

:iconroro-royerboat: My dawg! She's super cool and a very talented voice actress and artist!

:iconkimeria87: Super awesome and very kind friend :huggle:

Amanda White: She isn't on dA, but I thought I'd mention her anyway :huggle: She's a super big Silent Hill fan like me!!

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:icontishwinters: Tish and Iza, two of my favorite DA sisters, lover of emotes, and fellow Silent Hill fan :icondoublehugplz: *group hug*

:icondragoon-rekka:He's super talented at drawing hentai and females, my big brother big bro 2 by jak-jay

:iconamysyaoinyuridreams:My new super cool friend and fellow supporter of all LOVE Proud to Serve by origamidragon

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*stamps I support*
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My favorite Ponies ^^

Lyra and Bon Bon


Sweetie Belle~:heart: *My favorite*


Apple Bloom




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